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NJR 18th Annual Report 2021

You can also access the NJR Annual Report on NCBI Bookshelf through this link:

In the NJR Annual Report 2021, tables 3.K7a (pp167-168) and 3.K7b (pp169-173) have been updated due to an error in rows relating to the Attune constructs.
These issues have now been rectified and updated tables are presented in the above PDF report.
The hard copy report and online PDF downloads prior to 29th September 2021 will contain these errors.

Online Appendices Committee Composition - NJR 18th Annual Report 2021

Online Appendices Committee Terms of Reference - NJR 18th Annual Report 2021

Online Appendices Papers and Publications - NJR 18th Annual Report 2021

Prostheses used in hip, knee, ankle, elbow and shoulder replacement procedures 2020

Unit-level activity and outcomes 2020

NJR units by region

Summary of key facts about joint replacement during the 2020 calendar year