Annual progress: Work of NJR Committees

2015/16 NJR Steering Committee

This section provides brief outlines of the work undertaken by the NJR Steering Committee (NJRSC) and its sub-committees during 2015/16. Although brief, these sections intend to demonstrate the ever-increasing scope of the registry’s work and the commitment required by its members to meet the needs of its orthopaedic stakeholders.

Structure, governance and operating model

The NJR Steering Committee is a NHS England Committee of Experts and is responsible for the work and progress of the NJR.

New members

Working closely with the Department of Health appointments team and NHS England, the NJR management team and the NJRSC Chairman and members have successfully re-appointed and appointed the following members in the reporting period:

NJR Steering Committee representative

Expired member

Recent appointments

Independent healthcare sector representative


Dr Jean-Jacques de Gorter

Mr David Macdonald, from 01/04/2016 to 31/03/2019

Patient representative

Mary Cowern

Gillian Coward, from 01/10/2015 to 30/09/2018


Orthopaedic surgeon member

Mr Keith Tucker

Prof. Amar Rangan, from 01/06/2015 to 31/05/2018


Orthopaedic surgeon member


Mr Hussain Kazi, from 01/06/2015


The co-opted position for the British Orthopaedic Association President was taken up by Mr Tim Wilton on his election in September 2015 and Mr Matthew Porteous, Chairman, Regional Clinical Coordinator Sub-committee, supported the work of the NJRSC as a co-opted member. Professor Tim Briggs continued as a co-opted member of the NJRSC for the 2015/16 year in his capacity as lead of the national ‘Getting It Right First Time’ project. 

NJR must thank all of its members, past and present, for their considerable contribution to the registry. 

The membership of the NJR Steering Committee and membership of all sub-committees for 2015/16 can be found in online appendices. Further information can also be found in the Chairman’s introduction.