Highlights: Best Practice Tariff

The NJR is a mandatory dataset which supports the Best Practice Tariff

The Best Practice Tariff for hip and knee joint replacement surgery is conditional on trusts achieving a minimum compliance rate of 75% with the NJR and an NJR ‘Not Recorded’ consent rate of less than 25%.  The consultation for 2016/17 (to be implemented in financial year 2017/18) proposed changes to these rates: a minimum compliance of 85% and a ‘Not Recorded’ consent rate of below 15%.  In the proposal document (‘2016/17 national tariff proposals: currency design and relative prices’) NHS Improvement (formerly ‘Monitor’) noted that feedback from the 2015/16 statutory consultation notice showed support for increasing BPT target rates over time.

The NJR Centre compares data from HES with records submitted to the NJR to calculate the compliance rate. The files sent to the Best Practice Tariff team each quarter are available to download from the NJR website (www.njrcentre.org.uk).