Highlights: NJR reports

The NJR’s Annual Report website is part of a long-term strategy to share our annual dataset in a more accessible, responsive and timely manner.  

The NJR reports website was launched in September 2014 and included everything associated with the NJR’s 12th Annual Report, available as either interactive reports or as downloadable pdf files.  The interactive reports covering all activity (formerly Part Two of the hard copy report) contained both charts and tables for the most recent year in addition to historical data.

With the exception of an additional knee activity report (‘Age of patients undergoing primary knee replacement’) it was decided not to include any new reports or functionality before the publication of the 2015/16 data.  

Planned development currently includes a facility for archiving each year’s data and reports whilst still making it available online for users.  Proposals for replacing many of the existing tables with graphs will also be developed.  By including graphs, using data from each year of the NJR, it will be possible to see changes over time.  The data represented in each graph would be filterable by the user.