Public and patient guide to the NJR Annual Report

The NJR knows that it is important for patients to receive good quality information about joint replacement surgery. That’s why the NJR produces a Public and Patient Guide to its main Annual Report every year, to share the information and evidence the registry holds. This includes details of more than 1.85 million operations carried out since 2003.

You can now choose to read a guide for each of the joint replacements recorded on the register. The guides include information on Report facts and analysis including introductions and x-rays about hip, knee, ankle, elbow and shoulder joint replacements.

Public and Patient Guides to the 12th Annual Report:





The guides are also available as an interactive pdf. These open in a format that allows you to read the document like a magazine on screen.

Hip replacement edition

Knee replacement edition

Ankle replacement edition

Elbow replacement edition

Shoulder replacement edition