Highlights: Minimum Dataset Version 6 (MDSv6)

The NJR introduces a new version of the minimum dataset

After a lengthy consultation and approvals process, the latest version of the minimum dataset, MDSv6, went live in November 2014. The changes were relatively minor and included providing additional options for a number of data fields, tidying up inconsistencies across all pre-formatted data collection templates, and providing additional clarity in data field titles.

MDSv6 introduced very little additional data collection but, of note, the limit on a patients’ maximum weight was increased from 200 to 300 kilograms and the ‘Default technique’ option was removed. The latter item, originally designed to help surgeons and units who carry a number of identical procedures to enter data more readily, was found to be counter-productive with records being entered incorrectly because procedures were not being checked against the default selection. It is important that the registry captures accurate data, especially as variation in technique used in the patient operation may be pertinent to outcomes associated with the procedure in future years.