Highlights: NJR Strategic plan

The NJR reviews its strategic plan annually to ensure that it is supporting the priority improvement areas for joint replacement surgery

The updated NJR ‘Strategic Plan for April 2015 to March 2018’ was published and is available as a download from the website in the section ‘About the NJR’.  An annual work plan supports this strategy and it is used by the NJR Steering Committee to monitor progress of key activities on a quarterly basis.  

A key activity for 2015-16 is data quality:  this is regarded as one of the NJR’s highest priorities and a separate strategy document ‘Supporting Data Quality 2014-16’ has been produced and published on the website in the Data Quality Section.  

In 2015 it is planned to start a national programme of local audits, examining data completeness and accuracy.  This follows a pilot undertaken this year in six provider hospitals and will include advice and guidance on how to complete the audit in the form of a ‘toolkit’.  Further information is provided in the report by the Chairman of the Data Quality Sub-committee.