Highlights: Best Practice Tariff

The NJR data contributes to the newly established tariff for hip and knee replacement surgery to help reduce variation in reported outcomes of surgery

In 2014 a new Best Practice Tariff (BPT) ‘Primary hip and knee replacement outcomes’ was introduced.  Payment of the primary hip and knee replacements BPT is linked to data collected in the NHS England Patient Reported Outcome Measures programme and submitted to the NJR. 

The aim of the BPT is to reduce the unexplained variation which exists between providers in terms of patients’ own reported outcomes of surgery.  For the NJR element, the payment of the BPT is dependent upon the provider achieving a minimum compliance (data submission) rate of 75% and an NJR unknown consent rate below 25%, i.e. the known consent rate - c onsent recorded as ‘yes’ or ‘no’) should be 75%.

It is proposed that, for 2015/16, the compliance and the known consent thresholds should be increased to 85%.

The NJR provides the Trust compliance and consent data on a quarterly basis. Consent data is also provided for Independent health providers. Further details and copies of the data extract are available from the Healthcare providers section of the main NJR website.