Highlights: Patient initiatives

The NJR shared data through its Public and Patient Guide and supported patient blogs

Each year, the NJR produces a Public and Patient Guide to its Annual Report. In September 2015, the NJR published its executive summary and public patient guides as part of its commitment to finding the best way possible of sharing NJR information with patients, their family, friends and carers.

The registry also works closely with its Patient Network to ensure that patient views help make the decisions about how to present the information in the most useful way.

Sharing patient stories

Significant progress was made through the launch of the NJR Hippy Chick blog (www.njrhippychickblog.wordpress.com) sharing NJR Steering Committee member Sue Musson’s experience of hip replacement.  This record of pre- and post-operative experiences has been read more than 8,000 times world-wide.

Another NJR colleague also blogged as he underwent total knee surgery and his story can be found at www.kneedyman.wordpress.com.

The aim of these blogs is to show how NJR information can support a patient’s understanding of joint replacement surgery. 

Keeping the patient perspective on the agenda

The NJR has an ongoing programme of regional hospital events. These learning events are one way of sharing best practice in NJR processes and also to say thank you to hospital colleagues who support the collection and entry of data in to the NJR.