Highlights: Research Data Access Portal

Research Data Access Portal

The NJR is in the process of developing a Data Access Portal which will enable researchers to securely access NJR data.

In 2016/17 Northgate Public Services began a project in conjunction with a team from the University of Sheffield to implement a Data Access Portal for use by researchers wanting to use NJR data.  This portal is being designed to provide a secure working environment, including analysis tools, for researchers and users of NJR data, whilst enabling the NJR to manage and control its data more effectively.  The University of Bristol are designing the data structure, developing the accompanying data dictionary and will be producing an annual ‘Research Ready Database’.  Researchers wishing to undertake analysis using NJR data apply to do so via the NJR website.  Once approval has been given, a project area will be set up which contains the subset of data requested and provides access to statistical analysis tools (Stata, initially) and office tools.  The portal is planned to go live in Autumn 2017.

Initially, the data available to researchers will be NJR data only, but discussions are taking place with NHS Digital for the sub-licensing of NJR data linked to HES, ONS, and PROMs data.  

 For further detail about NJR Research, please see the report by the Chair of the NJR Research sub-committee in the section ‘Work of the NJR Steering Committee and its sub-committees’ under the section ‘Annual Progress’.