Highlights: Patient initiatives

The NJR continues to share information through its Public and Patient Guide

The NJR continues to publish Public and Patient Guides for each joint type. Not only do the guides provide information about the NJR and joint surgery, they also provide patients with advice on what questions they should ask their surgeon and advice on where to find more information. The information is provided in easily understood, non-clinical terminology.

The registry also works closely with its Patient Network to ensure that patient views help make the decisions about how to present the information in the most useful way.

Keeping the patient perspective on the agenda

The NJR has an ongoing programme of regional events. The events are designed to provide hospital colleagues with updates on the work of the NJR and the benefits it brings to its stakeholders, including patients. It is also an opportunity to thank them all for their continued support in collecting and entering the data.  The patient representatives on the NJR Steering Committee have provided outstanding support to these events, ensuring that the patient perspective of the need for the NJR is not overlooked.