Highlights: PROMs

Patient Reported Outcomes Measures (PROMS)

Following the five year follow up which was completed in 2015 the NJR Steering Committee decided not to undertake a seven year follow up until such time as the five year data had been analysed and reported upon.  The data has been analysed by Professor Alex MacGregor, a former member of the NJR Steering Committee, and a team from the University of East Anglia and it is expected that a report will be submitted to the NJR Research Committee in mid-2017.  The outcome and conclusions from the report will determine whether an eight year follow up will be completed in 2018.

It had been hoped to undertake additional analyses of PROMs/NJR linked data, using PROMs data from the NHS England national PROMs programme.  Unfortunately, no data had been received from NHS Digital.

The British Elbow and Shoulder Society (BESS) formally requested the routine collection of pre- and post-operative shoulder PROMs, with the post-operative PROMs being carried out at six months, three years and five years following surgery.  A business case was to be presented to the NJR Steering Committee in April 2017 with a view to recommencing shoulder PROMs later in 2017.

The justification for undertaking shoulder PROMs is that, unlike hip and knee replacement, revision is not an adequate endpoint for surgery.  It is often the case that shoulder replacements will not be revised and the outcomes cannot, therefore, rely solely on revision alone.