Highlights: Clinical Outcomes Publication (COP) programme

As part of the NHS England's Clinical Outcomes Publication programme (previously, the ‘Consultant Outcomes Publication’), the NJR added a further year’s data to its website (www.njrsurgeonhospitalprofile.org.uk) in December 2017.  This data was also included on the NHS Choices website from May 2018.

There were no new indicators included for the 2016/17 data publication.

The draft indicators are made available to all NHS England consultants via the NJR Clinician Feedback service prior to publication.   Although the COP publication is a requirement for NHS England consultants only, consultants from Wales and Northern Ireland can also opt in to have their individual data published.

The NJR Steering Committee, working with the British Orthopaedic Association (BOA), has agreement from NHS England that it is not appropriate to publish surgeon level revision rates and that they will continue to be published at a unit level only.