Highlights: NJR Strategic plan

The NJR reviews its strategic plan annually to ensure that it is supporting the priority improvement areas for joint replacement surgery

Considerable work has been completed in 2013/14 to update the strategic plan 2013-2016 and finalise the 2014/15 annual objectives. The strategic plan, available at www.njrcentre.org.uk, outlines the national and international scope of the registry and identifies the key, priority areas of work over the coming years.

Supporting this strategy is a refreshed annual work plan process, designed to facilitate improved monitoring of NJR activity and performance at the NJR Steering Committee and also, for use by the inaugural NJR Executive Committee to be held in 2014/15.

The operational changes are in themselves a comprehensive area of work for NJR as it seeks to be increasingly effective in its management with a view to maintaining robust and responsive services to stakeholders. Please see item 8 on page 11 of the NJR strategic plan.