Annual progress: Work of NJR Committees

This section provides brief outlines of the work undertaken by the NJR Steering Committee and its sub-committees during 2013/14, the NJR’s 10th anniversary year. Although brief, these sections intend to demonstrate the ever-increasing scope of the registry’s work and the commitment required by its members to meet the needs of its orthopaedic stakeholders.

NJR Steering Committee 2013/14

The NJR Steering Committee has been acutely aware in recent years of the registry’s growing work and remit. Coupled with a maturing dataset, this has already led to a number of activities looking at the way the registry operates and how it can function better over the next decade.

The NJR’s strategic plan now includes the recommendations made from a governance workshop held in 2012, attended by members and external stakeholder alike. The 2013/14 year has seen a number of these improvements put into place including a(n):

  • Revised structure, governance and operating model endorsed by the NHS England
  • Appointment to the NJR’s first Medical Director post
  • Extensive consultation on the appropriate format and remit of a new Medical Advisory Committee and Executive Committee to improve, respectively, engagement with the orthopaedic surgical profession and efficiency in decision-making
  • Establishment of a members’ remuneration policy

New members

Since April 2013, a considerable undertaking has been the appointment of new steering committee members to replace long-standing members who concluded their terms of office, and the filling of vacant posts. Working closely with the Department of Health appointments team, the NJR management team at HQIP have successfully appointed the following members in the reporting period:

NJR Steering Committee representative

Expiry of term of office

Recent appointments

Vice-Chairman (and Medical Director post from 01/02/2014)

Professor Paul Gregg, 30/04/2014

Mr Martyn Porter, from 01/02/2014

Public health and epidemiologist

Professor Alex MacGregor,


Professor Mark Wilkinson, from 01/02/2014

Orthopaedic implant suppliers

Mick Borroff, 31/01/2014

Dean Sleigh, 14/03/2013

Michael Green, from 06/11/2013

Nicolas Wishart, from 06/11/2013

Members Mr Keith Tucker (orthopaedic surgeon member) and Mary Cowern (patient representative) have had their terms extended for a further two years until 30/04/2015 and 30/09/2015 respectively.

An additional appointment was also made in February 2014 to co-opt the British Orthopaedic Association President for their term of office on an ongoing basis. Current President Professor Tim Briggs’s position will also extend for a further year in 2015/16 in his capacity as lead of the national ‘Getting It Right First Time’ project.

At the time of writing, the announcement of two orthopaedic surgeon members and NHS management member was expected and information regarding these appointments will be available at

As the Chairman has outlined in her introduction, the NJR must thank all of its members, past and present, for their considerable contribution to the registry – especially that of Professor Paul Gregg, NJR Vice-Chairman 2003 to 2013.

The membership of the NJR Steering Committee and membership of all sub-committees for 2013/14 can be found in online appendices. Further information can also be found in the Chairman’s introduction.