Highlights: NJR Strategic plan

The NJR reviews its three year strategic plan regularly to ensure that it is supporting the priority improvement areas for joint replacement surgery.  The plan was developed in consultation with the NJR Steering Committee following a review, and subsequent revision of, the aims that were set out for the NJR when it was established in 2002.

The plan identifies a number of strategic themes for the NJR, along with the work programmes necessary to support those themes. The broad areas covered in the plan are:

• Patient safety
• Understanding patient outcomes
• Cost effectiveness
• Research
• Data quality
• Patient and public involvement
• Stakeholder engagement and communications
• Enabling access to data and information
• Partnerships and international collaboration
• Operations model and governance of the NJR

The strategic plan is supported by Annual Plans which identify the work required to deliver the strategy based on priorities set by the Steering Committee.  Following review and approval by the NJR Steering Committee, the annual plans are used to monitor the progress of key activities on a quarterly basis. 

For further details on the work of the NJR Steering Committee, please see the section ‘Work of the NJR Steering Committee and its sub-committees’ under ‘Annual Progress’.

The NJR Strategic Plan for April 2018 to March 2021 is available as a download from the NJR website on the General publications and leaflets page.